Every Child is Number 1


“CIS will be the first Cooperative Learning School in Asia. We are firm believers of Student-centered learning, Debate Oriented learning, and Cooperative learning. Through these approaches we aim to create students that are independent thinkers with excellent analytical and logical skills.”

School Highlights

Enrichment Course – First Week !

CIS is back in action! Check out our highlights from our first week of Enrichment Course.

Enrichment Course – 3rd Week!

The enrichment course is going smooth! Check out our highlights from the 3rd week!

CIS – Health and Safety Standards

The new normal for CIS is here! We prioritize your child’s health and will continue to implement our daily health and safety procedures to the fullest.

KidsFirst Parent & Baby Club


Bonding is an intense attachment which develops between parents and the baby. Parent showers their baby with so much affection and love and would go any length to care and protect their little one.




Our offerings for Nursery One and Two:

  • Sensory Stimulation
  • English Thematic Stories
  • Phonics
  • Reading
  • Outdoor Exploration
  • Full-day Brain Developing Activities as necessary for your child, including: Kids Yoga, Music & Rhythm, Body Movement, Kids Sensory, Junior Artist, Kids and Logic, English Theater, and Dance Fusion.



One of the happiest days in your child’s life is the first day of kindergarten. This is where your child makes the transition  from baby school to kindergarten or home to kindergarten as the case may be. We make this process at KidFirst Kindergarten as smooth as possible so that your child’s first formal experience at kindergarten one is a happy and successful one.

US Common Core Curriculum


CIS uses the McGrawHill Series textbook which follows the American Common Core Curriculum. The core subjects that CIS offers are READING Wonders, Inspire SCIENCE, My MATH, and Impact SOCIAL STUDIES.


This curriculum is well equipped with a diverse teaching method, detailed lesson plan filled with fun activities, worksheets, and assessment methods!


DIVERSE Subjects


In addition to the common core subjects, CIS primary section also offers a variety of none-core subject. These includes Second Language (up to 3 languages), art, music, computer, Thai culture, Physical Education, and more!

After School Activities


CIS Primary Section gives opportunities to students even after class by offering a variety of colorful activities after class. Students and parents may mix and match their interest and elect there preferred course. These includes English boosts, sports, arts, and much more !

Location & Size

The new 9-rai campus is located within walking distance from our current campus, close to Central Plaza Rama 9. It is also accessible from the Rama 9 main street and MRT. 




The new CIS campus contain modern-style infrastructures with big classrooms, discussion halls and a brand new SAT center. Other facilities includes an indoor gym, beautiful playgrounds, clean cafeterias, auditorium, swimming pool, and more! 

CIS features SAT, Debate, and Chinese sections to promote learning for our students. Our discussion halls is also designed to boost Cooperative Learning.

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